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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quilted Dotty For You

Hi there,
We had some fun last night at my monthly club meeting. The hostess for the evening has been requesting that we do some of the quilted projects at club so since it was her night, I figured we would go for it. My usually chatty and bubbly group was rather sedate and I was getting paranoid so I asked them ''What's the matter? Everyone is so quiet I am a little nervous." Turns out they were concentrating so hard on their little projects that they weren't as gabby as usual. I had thirteen dishes full of different two-sided Dotty For You 1" squares set out on a table, sort of like a smorgasbord of paper choices, for them to use in their design. They each had an 8" x 8" base square on which to 'build' their quilt. Below are pictures of the sample quilts that they could use to either copy or use as prompts to get started. I am very proud to say that all 9 quilts came out great and was thrilled to see how everyone made a quilt that was unique by simply choosing different papers and patterns. Everyone seemed really proud of their finished quilts.The finished quilts ended up being from about  4 1/2" square to just under the 8" base in size. Hope you enjoy Quilted Dotty For You! It is a paper set that was offered by Close To My Heart in 2012 for a limited time. Keep an eye out next month for the next special paper collection that can be yours for $10.00 with every $35.00 order from our current catalog. It is called Dream Pop and is a beautiful, very vibrant set of 24 sheets. I'd love for you to place an order and/or perhaps join my blog as a follower. Just click on the shop now spot and have a look.

Thanks for stopping by. I plan to post a workshop and a card kit that will be available for order soon. 


  1. These are so darn cute!! I posted it to my Facebook CTMH page:
    I love that Dotty For You paper--I think I bought about 6 packs of them!!

    1. Thanks, Jann. I think I said above that they are a little wonky but they are still fun to do. This isn't brain surgery so I don't make myself nuts for perfection. I did buy a few new tools so that my squares are all cut exactly the same. My cutter was never spot on like it needs to be for these. Glad you enjoyed them.

    2. Oh I have a few cutters in my craft area...2 Fiskars, 2 Tonic, a Cutterpede. I think that's it! I think my fave is the full sized Tonic guillotine cutter.

      Will you be posting a recipe for this cute design idea? I read you would have workshop kits available...I am interested in the recipe part since iI have PLENTY of the Dotty For You paper.