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Monday, April 1, 2013

And the Winners Are...........

In honor of my blog hitting the 4000+ views number, I just drew 4 names from my list of followers to each win a set of Rustic Edge Anchors by Close To My Heart. 
The winners are: Janice (grandma J.), Karyn K., Terry D., and Diana C. I will attempt to send each of you a message to get your address so that I can mail this to you. They will go out as soon as I secure a mailing address for you. 
Thanks to all of my current followers for checking in on me and for your support by just being there. I will continue to strive to post interesting, if not entertaining, projects or thoughts for your viewing pleasure. I am really having a ball with my blog and that has come as a surprise to me considering it was like pulling teeth to get me to start it. I now find that I actually like getting comments on things I have done. I am also forever grateful that most of you have been brought up with the lesson: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.'' I was too, I just don't always chose to live by it!! haha.
Stay tuned. I am working on my next workshop and I think you are going to enjoy it. 
If you are one of the winners and you don't hear from me shortly, please e-mail me direct.

Talk to you soon,


  1. It's a slow climb when you start a blog. So happy for you to have reached such a milestone. Keep posting and watch your viewing grow as well as your followers.

  2. Thanks Terry! It really has been fun. And it is going as fast as I can handle right now. Learning all this is hard so I can't imagine instant stardom! What must it be like to be an over-night sensation in Hollywood? I suppose I could get used to winning a big lotto, though.....

  3. I'M HERE!! Sorry, I have been so busy and never got a chance to check back! Looking to find your email link to send my addy now. THANKS!!