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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Finding my Winners, and Other Fun Stuff

Hi there,
Well I have found three of my winners. It hasn't been easy for this Bag Lady to search on the World Wide Web but dogone-it, I found three. The goofy thing is that I already had 'known' two of them through Close To My Heart and didn't know it. Having real names and blog names can be a little tricky. I was just telling my friend that I am probably the only American this side of 3rd grade that doesn't know how to track someone on here successfully using either google or some other secret code. What's that saying about old dogs learning tricks?
So like I said, I have found 3 of the winners. I am now looking and hoping to find Janice(grandmaJ). If you happen to recognize this title, give her a shout. You can see why that would be a tough one to track. Maybe I should add a cracker or wringlett or whatever they're called so people can leave finger-prints on my blog so I can find them. Now keep in mind that even if I had everyone's e-mail address that would not guarantee that I could connect easily. Here's how bad it was yesterday. Look over at my collection of followers. Do they show? Do you recognize anyone you know or have seen somewhere else on this blog? Yup. I signed up to follow ME yesterday whilst searching for YOU. And the best part is I have no idea how to unfollow Me because I don't know how I found ME. You now have a little taste of what it must be like to live with me.
My poor family.
OK, Janice(grandmaJ), if you are out there, try to contact me with an address. My e-mail is on here somewhere and I wish you luck in your travels.
Thanks everyone for making my first 4000+ a blast. Oh, I also had a winner, Denice K, in my 2nd 25th Birthday drawing. Denice will get to chose $25.00 in hostess products for being the winner in that.
Talk to you all soon. I am going into therapy (at my craft table) for the rest of the week.......

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