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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Break, My Foot.

Hi everyone. And thanks for stopping back. I know I haven't written in ages.

My son finished school for Summer Break the first week of June and I have to tell you, it really wasn't a 'break' until last week. We have been so busy with appointments, road trips and just stuff that I was actually excited not to have anything on the calender last week.
I am working on a Super Workshop/Crop for August 17th, here in my town. I say Super because it is going to be something different than any crops I have heard of. You know how you can Super Size your meal at the drive-thru joints? Well that's what I am doing for my crop. As a rule when you sign up for a crop you expect certain things. You get your table to work at, meals for the time period you are there, door-prizes, if it is a fund-raiser you might have raffles, 50/50 drawings etc. My Super Workshop/Crop will have most of that except the 50/50. PLUS my ladies will be given a kit when they arrive that includes a $20.00 chipboard album kit, a 6 x 6 16-page album to fill and a secret surprise that my family has been busy helping me make. Altogether the kit they receive with their registration will be over $30 in products. As an added bonus, my daughter in law from Pittsburg is trying to arrange her schedule to be here for the crop and that means a Super double bonus for me in that I get to see not only her but the grand-babies and my son. Now here's the good part: My son is a fantastic, very gifted cook. If all goes as I am hoping, he will be preparing the evening meal for us. The cost for the 10 hour crop is $55.00 per person.
So tell me, when have you been to a day crop that included all of that? Ok, so maybe you have, but you didn't have me to entertain you all day!
Remember, the crop will be in Port Huron, Michigan on August 17th, 2013. I have a very limited seating available and that is why I am able to have the amazing kits for my ladies. If you are interested in coming to this, I will need your registration fee as soon as possible to guarantee your spot. Please reply to my e-mail at if your have questions or interest.

Thanks again for stopping by,

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