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Sunday, March 3, 2013

For Always

Hi there,
During the last several weeks we have had some things happen in our family that have really made us realize that time is short to really love the ones we have. My parents will be 89 this year, my youngest son is 14 going on 25 at times and at others 12, my middle son left our home town for the South this morning and I am feeling lonely for my family to be all together again. Not to be all sappy and emotional now, when we are all together it is sometimes quite crazy and crowded! I tend to think my kids still need me to tell them when to brush their teeth and comb their hair. And that's not the least of my 'helpful input'. Maybe we'll save more on that for another time.....
While preparing for my Club for March, I chose the paper named 'For Always' because I wanted a fresh crispy design to go with this month's Close To My Heart  stamp of the month. It is a beautiful layered rose set and I have had fun working with it. I think a nice black and white family photo would be lovely in the photo spot, maybe one from the old days when my grandparents were still with us. The grey in the roses would pull the grey tones from an old photo and be so pretty.

I cut the paper on an angle then used the top strip that comes on our papers to cover the seam where I    simply flipped the cut corner over. The roses are layer stamped and the top, smaller one is lifted with foam tape. The 'Family' embellishment is done with a new product I found while playing on pinterest. It is double sided adhesive sheets by silhouette. Simply place on the cricut cutting mat, select the 'Family' cut from the
Close To My Heart exclusive cartridge, and hit cut! Then you peel the backing off and place it on your paper. Press down all over for a good 'stick' then peel off the top layer to expose the sticky top. The kit came with super fine glitter that you then spread around and rub into the sticky design. It turns out great and shiny, all set for your project. And the glitter stays put and doesn't flake all over either. 


  1. Debbie, this is so very pretty!

  2. Clever idea - cut the angle and flip! I'll have to remember that one!