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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tiny Toes

Hi there and Happy Almost Valentine's Day!
This is a fun project I want to share with you today. I couldn't post until today since the recipient might have peeked and that would have ruined the surprise. We had our son and his two babies over a week or so ago for dinner. His wife had an appointment and couldn't come with them. Well, that was perfect timing for me. I had been daydreaming about sneaking the kiddie's foot-prints and it worked out just in time. I am continually amazed that little kids will allow me to plop their feet in paint and then smush them on paper for a print. Cecilia, the 2 year old, sat up there and I swear it was like she did this sort of thing every day. It went like clock-work. Even little Henry, who is isn't even a year old, sat in the booster and let us 'take his prints'!! Of course Gramie, that's me, was covered in paint by the time we were done. My main worry was that I wouldn't get all the paint off their tiny little toes and our daughter-in-law would wonder what we had done to them.
Because I wanted to keep the focus of the gift on the 'heart-foot-prints', I didn't add a ton of embellishments to the matting area. I did write a little love letter to their Mama with very fine .01 micron marker around the outside of the prints to emphasize the heart shape.

On Henry's I used a Basic Grey background and then made my own coordinating embellishments from plain  papers that came in the same kit. On Cecilia's I used Flirty Close To My Heart paper and the matching embellishments.
The writing beginning at the bottom of the heart and going up and around to the bottom on the other side reads: Dear Mama, I Love you with all of my heart. From the top of my head to the tip of my toes, I'll Love you always.
I can't wait to see her face when the kids give them to her this evening!
Enjoy, and I hope you have some little toes you can dip in paint, too!
Talk to ya soon,


  1. Thanks, Jan. My daughter-in-law was thrilled with them.

  2. I agree, cute idea, too bad my nieces are 17 and 18. They would make huge hearts. I guess I'll get the opportunity when they have their own children. :-) Thanks for sharing!