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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lady's HOME Journal

Hi again and welcome back!
I wanted to talk to you today about a subject that is near and dear to my heart: Bargain Hunting! I suppose you might have guessed that as 'Mrs. Bag Lady' I wear many hats in my world. Well, one of them is that of a Cheapskate. Yes, I am proud of it. Another thing I have tried to teach my kids is to always do your research before purchasing something you really want. But we all know that on occasion a deal smacks us in the face and you just have to throw the money on the table and run with it. A week ago I was at our Walmart for a few things and ran into a clearance rack that had my name on it. Right there in front of me was a stack of 23 paper journals just waiting to be 'dooded-up'. My heart raced, my hands shook as I loaded the cart, and my 14 year old son ran for cover. Even the cashier gave me an odd look. Well, ladies and gentlemen, wait till you see what I came up with. Of course using my beautiful new close to my heart products. These little gems will be the project for my February scrapbooking club. Have a look at what can be done with a simple paper journal and while you are at it, get a load of that beautiful Chantilly paper, now available on my ctmh site. Also, the stamp on the front of the journal is from the ctmh February stamp of the month. Only available this month.

In the background you will notice some of the little books 'before' and then front and center the finished book and bookmark. A nice little bookmark will also be included in the kit. The products I used are all from ctmh. The Art Philosophy cricut cartridge, the coordinating stamp set, Hooray Bouquet (the AP cartridge has 700 cuts on it and many of them are perfectly coordinated with our exclusive acrylic stamps...the best in the industry.)
You might also like to pick up a package of Bakers Twine, some of our exclusive, mouthwatering inks, or any of a  multitude of goodies to make your journal sing before you even start writing in it. Some suggestions I will pass on to my club for the journal might be: ctmh Wish List, sketches of projects you might like to create, Date and Time of club and crops, family favorites, mileage in the car, towns you visit.....or just jotting down your thoughts once in awhile. If you enlarge for detail, you will notice I kept the design quite flat on purpose. This way bulky embellishments won't get caught on things in your hand-bag, briefcase or glove box. After my club meeting, I might cover mine with a sheet of clear contact paper to keep it pretty and clean as it gets dragged in and out of my bag during the day.
OK, thanks for visiting and if you have a second, leave me a message so I know who's been checking on me!


  1. Debbie you sound just like me, nothing gets my heart racing better than a good bargain! I would have bought them all too! Wish you lived closer, we could go out clearance shopping together!!

    i love what you did with the Februaury SOTM. I am really warming up to this one! I posted the pic on the BB for you!

    1. You are a doll, again. Obviously I haven't made posting on there a priority. I still have your e-mail in my list of things 'not' to delete. That's how I know I need to keep it for when I can get my husband to help me. Thanks for your comments. I'm working on a surprise or I'd post what I'm doing this weekend. I can post it after Valentine's Day. See ya on the boards!

  2. These are fantastic! Your February Club is going to have a blast making these. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks centralNY! (Brenda) I think they will have fun. We will be covered in liquid glue but, what the hey! Thanks for looking and talk to you soon. Debbie