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Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy For Spring!

Hello Everyone, and (finally) Happy Spring!!
It has been a brutal winter here in Michigan. The sun is now shining and the Robins are flying in the yard. A great big fat Mama Robin was even having a nice bath in the bird-feeder the other day. After the snow a cold we have had, even the rain seems glorious to me.
He is the project that my monthly club will be doing for April. I hit a sort of Artistic-block and had to cruise around pinterest to get going for these. The cards are from Close To My Heart and so is the paper. It is Dream Pop and I have just now opened the package from last year. LOVE IT!! So fun and bright. Just what the doctor ordered to cheer me up!
The cards are a heavy, solid weight giving them a very professional presentation. They are White Daisy and although in my opinion our White Daisy is the BEST white paper on the market, it posed a few road-blocks with the first paper I was planning to use. I was trying to use our Timberline pack and the white was just too stark next to it. Enter: Dream Pop. Perfection! Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Crafting! These spinner cards are available in our current catalog. Please visit my Close To My Heart site to order. Thank you in advance for your order!

Debbie May
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