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Sunday, June 2, 2013

All Talk, No Pictures, yet.

Hi there,
I haven't posted pictures, or anything else for that matter, in awhile and I figure if my oldest son can actually ask about my blog the least I can do is get on here and write something! (love you G-man.!)
It has been a goofy Spring here in Michigan. We went from cold and snow to hot and humid with just about 63 hours of real Spring weather in-between. My husband has been helping me around the yard and we are making great progress after about two years of my boycott on gardening. Oh, I had my Victory Garden by the pool the last two years with my 14-foot tomato plants and massive tangle of cucumbers (that my youngest son and I fight over eating the second they are ripe enough) but my other gardens and lawn have kind of been on their own. Funny how 18 years ago when we moved here it was easier to get out there and haul dirt and stone for hours on end. Now it takes a lot more to get this old girl moving.
I sure am glad I did those years of hard labor when I did because I can really enjoy it now. Our homestead is on an acre in the township with golf course on two sides and a great neighbor on the other. In 2000 my step-son graduated from High School and I had just started my 'cement paver patio' phase. So I put in the first of what would become a long line of paver areas around our house. That one was about 15' x 10' if I remember. The next year my oldest graduated and I did a second one next to the first and just about the same size. Two years later my middle son graduated and I put a sidewalk to the front door. Of course you know I chose the hottest days of each year to do these massive projects. Sort of like we look at the Farmers Almanac and decide that's the time to do the hardest work. I'm telling you it can be 40 degrees one day and we plan to get the pool open the next and we wake up to record highs. It has never failed.
Well, the year 2000 was a long time ago and all three of those projects have been taken up and re-done. (is that a real word? re-doed?, nope.) That's one of the things I love most about paving stones. It isn't permanent. If you don't like it or it goes wonky over time from weeds or tree roots, pop 'em up, and start over. I take full credit for where said pavers and walkways go and what they look like but I have to admit that over the years I have had to depend on my husband and youngest son to do more and more of the heavy work. A ton or two, or three (literally) of stone and rock seems to weigh more than it did in 2000!
You might ask "When will it all be done, Mrs. Bag Lady?" And to that I have to honestly say "Never." I know myself well enough to know that if I get an idea, no matter how ridiculous or seemingly impossible to finish/ accomplish, that I am likely to just go for it.
My poor family never knows what's next. I guess it's OK to keep them on their toes. But one thing is for sure and they can pretty much count on it never changing- I will never be done! There is something very liberating in admitting that.
I have a club project to do this week so I need to stay out of the garden and work on that. I promise to post some pictures of what I come up with for my great club ladies. Thanks for stopping by to check up on me,


  1. CRAZY weather you are experiencing!! We are on an excessive heat alert here in Arizona--supposed to hit 108° today. I sure hope this isn't a preview of what our summer is going to be...I might go visit the mountains to get away from it all!

    Gardening NEVER gets done. We are 'undoing' some of the things the previous owner did at this house where he lived for over 15 years...slowly uncluttering our yard.

    Makes us wonder why he would plant trees that shed right next to a pool, along with messy flowering plants.


    1. Hi Jann, My husband went to Arkansas in June or July one year and it was over one hundred the whole time, even in the shade. And you are south of there. Yikes. I'm warm here when it's in the 80's. The hot sun and heat aren't so bad as when the humidity kicks in. No relief unless we have the air on and we certainly do!.
      Are you a follower? Go ahead and sign up. I do some drawings from my followers once in awhile just to keep things interesting. If you can leave an e-mail or some way for me to find you if you win, that would be great. Thanks for stopping by! And nice to meet you!