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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Welcome to my new Blog. You will see that I am just learning how to use the whole blogging system but my daughter-in-law says I need to drag myself into the 21st Century and to do that I need a blog.
So here goes.
I suppose I need to state a goal for my blog. I would say that my intention is to share with you ways that you can create beautiful or at least interesting things. I am an independent consultant for close to my heart scrapbooking products but beyond that I am an artist. I make things. I paint, draw, sew, build. I have always been willing to try any type of creative project because I was taught at a young age that we can do anything we put our mind to. I'm not saying that we are always successful at all things, but the willingness to try gives you a better chance at success than not trying.
OK, stay tuned and I will try to be entertaining as well as helpful. I hope to show you some projects that I have worked on and be able to include photos and directions when needed.
Thanks for visiting,

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