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Monday, April 22, 2013

Welcome new Followers!

Greetings from Mrs. Bag Lady!
I just wanted to say a quick Welcome to my new followers. It's good to have you here and I hope you enjoy your visit. I don't post super often but try to have something new at least once a month or more. If you have looked around at my past posts you will see that I had a drawing for followers-only a bit ago. I have now connected with each of the winners and prizes were sent. I will try to locate people a little differently if I do that again so I can send prizes out faster.
I have my first card class this week, see previous post below, and a big workshop of five 2-page layouts this week also. I plan to post the layouts today or tomorrow.
Once again, thanks for stopping by and I look forward to 'seeing' you here and even on your own blogs!



  1. Well, I just recieved my prize in the mail. Thanks a bunch. Keep up the good work. Blogging can get to be addicting, and the more you blog, the more followers you will have.

  2. Hi Terry,
    What in the world took so long for that to get to you? I sent yours out ages ago. Hmmmm. and right from the post office, too. Maybe because it had to cross into Canada? I wonder if all the others have received theirs. And yes, I am gaining followers all the time. This is fun! "See" you on the boards! And thanks for stopping by.